Support Centres: Local people who care

May 28, 2020

Support Centres are non-judgmental hubs, and a good place to find local support services, information and help.

What is provided depends on the centre, so it is best to get to know a centre as soon as you think you might be approaching a crisis.

Neighbourhood and Community Centres are non-profit community-based organisations that provide spaces to meet and social activities. Neighbourhood Centres are located throughout Queensland (and the rest of Australia). They offer many local services and information but will vary from place to place. Finding out where your local centres are and what they offer can be a valuable resource for you. Finding and visiting your local Neighbourhood or Community Centre can open a world of people and opportunities.

Drop-In Centres usually provide more services, including a range of health, social, legal and government services. Some offer free access to the Internet and phones, and can often be registered as a mailing address if you do not have a permanent or consistent residence.

Assessment and Referral Services don’t usually include drop-in services, but focus on longer-term solutions, like helping to organise identity documents (ID), provide support letters for accessing government housing; inform you about emergency relief in your area including financial assistance, food and accommodation and even provide some of this assistance on-site.

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