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The Plan on a Page

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Keep your plan simple. Don’t fret and don’t make your plan too long. It’s better to have a short plan that you’re able to stick to than a long complex plan that you put in a drawer and never look at.

Try this template:

The rule of three

If you are stuck in the planning process, try the Rule of Three. Thinking about your future housing, try for to identify three goals – these can be very broad. Then think of three options for achieving these goals. Don’t fret if you can’t think of three, or you want more than three goals and options.

Finally, think about actions – what will you do over the next three days, three weeks and three months?


Review, review, review – this will keep your plan alive. Some people find that allocating a specific time for planning and reviewing the actions in the plan is helpful; other people like a more flexible approach and dip into their plan as opportunities arise. Whatever approach you take; review and update your plan regularly.

Friends for the journey

For some people, having a friend to help plan and make decisions can make all the difference. Others prefer to fly solo, seeking out information and advice and making decisions themselves.

Think about inviting a friend or supporter for the journey – but a good one, not a negative one or someone with a vested interest.

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