If you’re reading this you have probably already identified yourself, someone you know or someone you work with as being at risk of homelessness.

Are you in crisis?

This Guide has been writing for women over 50 who are concerned about their current or future housing. This might be you or someone close to you. The Guide will help you learn more about the options that are available to you, and about how to plan for the future.

*If you are in immediate crisis, you need to urgently make contact with the services listed here or use the crisis lines here.

The emotional response

Being anxious about your current and future housing is an increasingly common phenomenon for older women. So is denial. The experience or threat of homelessness can be humiliating and shameful for many women. Many women deny this vulnerability and can be very reluctant to share their personal circumstances and experience with others.

In 2019, The Lady Musgrave Trust did a survey of women experiencing or concerned about homelessness. The survey confirmed this anxiety and denial and
found that women often:

  • Don’t know where to go for help
  • Need help with housing for the first time
  • Feel ashamed and reluctant to seek help or intimidated and overwhelmed when approaching services
  • Feel the stigma of not having a secure home
  • Feel their private financial position is a private issue they do not want to share with others
  • Feel lonely and and isolated – retreating back to extended family for support

So, if you are feeling like this, understand it is natural, and remember:

  1. Stay safe
  2. You are not alone
  3. There are things you can do