The Handy Guide for Older Women looks at the whole woman, not just their housing needs.

The Guide looks broadly at the issues facing older women and what help is available. From health and wellbeing, training and employment and a range of housing alternatives.

The Guide especially focuses on education helping women understand the options that may be available to them, and planning to help women take charge and develop their own goals, strategies and actions.

If you are reading this you will already know that there is no magic bullet. Affordable housing is scarce all around Australia and more good, secure and affordable housing is needed everywhere.

A note to users of this Guide:

  1. Take your time. Working through this Guide, you will find some areas are harder than others, some more enjoyable than others. Pace yourself. Try a section at a time.
  2. Take notes. Get a notebook to record information, questions and progress.
  3. Start where you are right now. Consider the things are holding you back and need attention at the same time as you are thinking about your future housing.
  4. Understand the range of accommodation that is available and how this works.
  5. Make a plan.
  6. Take action and make good decisions.
  7. Regularly revisit and revise your plan.