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Social and Community Housing (including Affordable Housing)

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“But there is no point in applying for social housing”

Short term housing assistance is addressed in the current Handy Guide and this information will transfer well to the Older Woman’s Handy Guide.

Long-term, secure and affordable housing is available through social and community housing. There is a central allocation system managed by the Department of Housing and Public Works. A needs based (as opposed to a wait-turn) allocation system applies and long waiting times are common in most (but not all) areas of Queensland.

Despite the long wait, the uncertainty of even getting a home and the lengthy application process, it is generally a good idea to apply for social housing and to keep in regular contact with the Department and the community housing providers.


Non-Profit Housing Companies
These not-for-profit organisations provide access to affordable housing for low or below-average incomes, via programs including Community Rent Scheme (CRS), Long Term Community Housing (LTCH), Community Managed Studio Units (CMSU), & the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS).

The three main options include:

  • Social housing (including Indigenous Housing & Homelessness Programs): rentals for low to moderate income families and individuals
  • Community Housing: those with low incomes – income-based rental accommodation
  • Affordable housing: those with a moderate income who are in housing stress

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