Looking for secure housing?

This Guide has been written for women over 50 who are concerned about their current or future housing. The following resources will help you learn more about what might be available options and about how to plan for the future.

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Crisis Hotlines

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This guide contains details of many telephone hotlines that can help you work through housing options or offer advice about a range of issues. You will find these in the…

Private Rental Housing

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Most of my friends are renting. Renting a home through a real estate agent is the main way that people find a place to live throughout Australia. For many decades…
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These are a few of my favourite things: Pets and Moving

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Pets can be a great joy and true companions. However, despite landlords taking an increasingly flexible approach to pets, there are many examples of pets limiting your options for current…
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Secondary Dwellings

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Auxiliary units and secondary dwellings are self-contained small homes located on the same piece of land as the existing detached home. In Queensland, secondary dwellings have various names including auxiliary…
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Reverse Mortgages

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Access money with the home you own. If you're over 60, own your home and need to access money, a reverse mortgage or 'home equity release' may be an option…
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Residential Aged Care and Care in the Community

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This section mainly considers care for older women aged 65 years or older. If you are under 65 and need care as a result of a disability then the National…
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Shared Housing

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Single older women are increasingly looking to shared housing to reduce housing costs, increase social connectedness and reduce loneliness and social isolation. This section excludes the construction of secondary dwellings…

Caravans, Tiny Houses, Boats and Grey Nomads

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“Caravans are only for holidays” Living permanently in a caravan in a caravan park On census night in 2016 almost 11,000 people in South East Queensland identified as living permanently…
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Over 50s Housing

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“I’d never live in one of those places” Suspend judgement and get to know what is on offer. There are a wide variety of housing developments throughout Australia targeted at…
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Social and Community Housing (including Affordable Housing)

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“But there is no point in applying for social housing” Short term housing assistance is addressed in the current Handy Guide and this information will transfer well to the Older…
Crisis housing

Crisis Housing

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“I’m OK, I'll just sleep in the car” There is very limited crisis housing available for single older women in Australia, especially where there is no domestic violence involved. The…
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Ready to get started? There are a number of support services available. Seniors Enquiry Line - 1300 135 500 Outside Queensland: 07 3867 2500 You can also visit seniorsenquiryline.com.au and qld.gov.au/seniors The…