The Lady Musgrave Trust is Queensland’s oldest charity and champion for homeless women.

What we do

The Vision of The Lady Musgrave Trust is that all women throughout Queensland will be free from homelessness.

Our commitment and Call to Action is to:

  • Fight against women’s homelessness
  • Engage and empower women
  • Drive conversations in community
  • Inspire change

We are a credible, capable and committed leader in reducing homelessness through our demonstrated capacity to:

  • Accommodate and service homeless young women and their children
  • Provide useful directory information to homeless women to minimise their journey
  • Influence the development of the social services and housing sectors
  • Lead new innovative and collaborative homelessness projects within the community

We focus on three key services

Accommodation and Support Services for young women
We help at risk and disadvantaged young women between the age of 18 and 30 (and their children) who are in critical homeless situations suffering from domestic violence, family breakdown, poverty, poor health and other complex issues.

We provide them with accommodation in our safe and furnished units throughout Brisbane and Ipswich.  This Trust-owned property portfolio has been carefully acquired over many years (using the funds we have raised) and comprises a mix of one and two bedroom units.  We can provide about 8,000 nights of safe accommodation in one year (dependant upon the number of children a woman may have and her duration of stay).

Together with our partners, we provide support services to these young women so they can be safe and live a happier and more sustainable future.

The Handy Guide for Homeless Women  
We provide homeless women of all ages across Queensland with a service directory of information that details places to go for shelter, food, clothing and other services that are vital to support women in need. Our Handy Guide for Brisbane and Regional Queensland is available on our Mobile Website as well as in Hard copy and PDF and is produced free of charge.

The Annual Forum
We work with industry experts to host a unique Annual Forum that is solely focused on women and homelessness. We bring together service providers from across Queensland to discuss the latest in best practice, case studies and opportunities for collaboration.

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